RE: General question about building distros

From: Liu, Benjamin <>
Date: 2004-02-27 20:18:41
It seems that you missed the ia64 patch, check here <>.

Mainline kernel is mainly for i386. Things are becoming better in 2.6(without ia64 patch you can still build the image some time). But for 2.4, you are not that lucky most of the time.

Pingping (Benjamin) Liu
Intel China Software Center

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>I just have a general question regarding building IA64 2.4.25
>stock kernel from After downloading, and building
>with the default  config there were tons of compile errors. These were
>some obvious errors like functions accepting more or less
>parameters then call sites were providing and tons of other
>obvious errors independent of the configuration. Eventually
>I plugged up all the errors and the thing comes up and seems
>to stay up.
>Is this sort of normal when building a source tree from
>for IA64 or am I missing something?
>For i386 I have no problems like that. I'm a bit concerned
>if a vendor uses this as base for a distribution and has
>to plug up all these holes, you kind of wonder if there are
>any bugs  left behind.
>- Mario.
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