Re: [Lse-tech] fix zonelist ordering for NUMA

From: <>
Date: 2004-02-27 16:31:58

> > >   2) handle the cases that Erich talked about a bit better
> > 
> > Any idea for doing it in generic way?
> We could adjust 'val' below based on an array that weights each node as
> it's added to a zonelist.  I think that would be up to the caller of
> find_next_best_node() to adjust, but would be used in the routine below.
> Doing it that way would allow the balancing that Erich was talking about
> as well as the headless node stuff we want for sn2.

Needs consideration for this.
I think the find_next_best_node-loop must be outer to for-each-zonelist loop
to do this kind of weighing.

Best regards.
NOMURA, Jun'ichi <>
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