Re: SAL version checking

From: Jesse Barnes <>
Date: 2004-02-24 08:43:39
On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 09:21:01PM +0000, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 01:09:20PM -0800, Jesse Barnes wrote:
> > It looks reasonable to me, though I thought we were the only ones that
> > cared about PROM revisions ;).  If you go ahead and push this in, we
> > could use it in arch/ia64/sn/kernel/setup.c, where we check for
> > incompatibilties bad enough to cause us to bail out...
> Well, you *were* the only ones who cared about SAL revisions ;-)
> Actually, this isn't quite what you want.  I'm asking the firmware
> what rev of the SAL spec it reports; you want version number of the
> prom.  I want sal_rev_major/minor; you want sal_b_rev_major/minor.

Right, I realized that after I sent the mail...

> I don't see why we shouldn't do both, and possibly even print both.
> I've occasionally wondered what rev of firmware I'm running and
> rebooting to figure that out is less satisfactory than grovelling through
> /var/log/dmesg.

Yeah, it would be nice to have it more generally available.  It's one of
those few printk's which is actually useful. :)

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