RE: HUGEPAGE SIZE a boottime option

From: Chen, Kenneth W <>
Date: 2004-02-24 03:26:32
sorry, missed this important hunk:
 # else
 #  error Unsupported IA-64 HugeTLB Page Size!
 # endif
+#define HPAGE_SHIFT hpage_shift

Here is a work-in-progress patch that includes more comments we have.

(1) hugepagesz parameter should have min/max checked.  Doesn't make
sense to config huge page size smaller than PAGE_SIZE, or config huge
page size larger than what page allocator allows (MAX_ORDER).

(2) We can avoid patching vhpt handler and still allow dynamic sizing.

(3) we remain unhappy with penalty hit on reload_context().  Region
register 4 now has a dependency on loading variable hpage_shift, which
could have worst case two/three hundred cycles.  This variable is next
to ia64_ctx (which is heavily used), but there is no guarantee that
they sits in the same cache line.  I've tried prefetch() with
gcc-3.2.3, but it generates code that everyone can laugh at it.

(4) If we have gone this far, it probably won't take that much more
to make it runtime configurable!

- Ken

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Subject: Re: HUGEPAGE SIZE a boottime option

On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 08:00:04PM -0800, Chen, Kenneth W wrote:
> It is not functionally complete though.  alloc_fresh_huge_page(),
> hugetlb_free_pgtables(), and update_and_free_page has #define
> constant that indirectly from HPAGE_SHIFT.
> You might checked already, text replication works in this case?

(I posted this earlier. However, our mail server has been messed up & I dont think
the mail got thru. Excuse the duplicate if the other mail ever makes it....)

The patch passes preliminary testing.

I dont see any issues with #define constants indirectly using HPAGE_SHIFT. HPAGE_SHIFT
is now defined as:
        #define HPAGE_SHIFT hpage_shift
        extern int hpage_shift;         
        int hpage_shift=HPAGE_SHIFT_DEFAULT;

Indirect references should work ok.

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> Subject: HUGEPAGE SIZE a boottime option
> Here is a preliminary version of a patch that makes the size of
> HUGEPAGES a boottime option. Only ia64-specific files are changed (except
> for the Documentation file).
> We have a number of customers using large pages. Unfortunately, 
> the "optimum" size of a large page is application & configuration
> dependent. Rather that having each customer recompile to specify their
> own HUGEPAGESIZE, this patch make the size a boottime option.
> Does this patch look reasonable? If so, I will incorporate feedback,
> finish testing it, update it to 2.6.3 & resubmit.

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