Re: offsets.h and 32 -> 64 bit cross-compiling

From: Keith Owens <>
Date: 2004-02-11 17:17:53
On Tue, 10 Feb 2004 21:59:58 -0800, 
Dan Kegel <> wrote:
>David Mosberger wrote:
>> Umh, you're using the wrong compiler.  You must use the IA-64
>> cross-compiler for print_offsets.c.  That's the entire point of
>> generating offsets.h at build-time: to ensure the definitions match
>> your (IA-64) compiler (and kernel-configuration).
>But how do I do that when I'm building the cross-compiler?
>As far as I can tell, it looks like offsets.h is needed to
>compile the cross-compiler.  Perhaps I can compile the bootstrap
>compiler with a dummy version of offsets.h?

Which compiler file needs asm/offsets.h?  I doubt that any user space
code should be using that file, it is probably being included by

QAD workaround, copy /usr/include/asm/offsets.h from an ia64 system to

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