Re: [patch] 2.6.2-rc2 Remove compile warnings from timer.o

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2004-02-11 09:29:10
>>>>> On Thu, 5 Feb 2004 17:11:36 +1100, Darren Williams <> said:

  Darren> This ia a relatively simple patch to remove compile
  Darren> warnings: kernel/timer.c: In function `second_overflow':
  Darren> kernel/timer.c:589: warning: right shift count is negative
  Darren> kernel/timer.c:592: warning: right shift count is negative

  Darren> when CONFIG_IA64_HP_SIM=y.

  Darren> Tested with SIM boots and compile.

  Darren> -#  define HZ	  32
  Darren> +#  define HZ	  96

Doesn't strike me as the correct fix: looking at timex.h, clearly HZ
values as low as 12Hz are supposed to be supported.  Perhaps a better
fix would be to change timer.c to verify that
SHIFT_SCALE<=SHIFT_USEC+SHIFT_HZ before attempting to do the shifting
(via a CPP #if, of course).

Also, I'm a bit reluctant to increase the HZ value for the simulator,
because too large a value will cause the simulated kernel to fail to
make forward progress on slow host machines.

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