Re: [PATCH] turn off irqdebug by default on Altix

From: Andrew Morton <>
Date: 2004-02-05 06:17:00
Martin Hicks <> wrote:
> A while ago there was a discussion, started by Jack Steiner, about a hot
>  cache line in the irqdebug code that makes booting on large machines
>  very slow.  The original thread can be found here:
>  The end result was that it was felt that irqdebug sould remain on by
>  default on small machines, and that large machines should turn it off be
>  default if it was causing a problem.


>  Here is a patch that turns it off for sn2.  It applies cleanly against
>  the linux-2.5 bk tree from this morning.

I think it would be better to kill noirqdebug altogether, and to simply
require irqdebug=N.
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