Problem with interrupts + lkcd on IA64!

From: <>
Date: 2004-01-30 23:37:29
I am working on an IA64 Itanium machine with an MPT SCSI

1) I have patched my kernel (2.6.1) with lkcd and I am trying
to dump using the keyboard combination of Alt+SysRq+d.
This always ends up in a hung kernel.

2) The kernel does not hang if the dump starts from a non
interrupt/bottom half context.

3) Dumping, however, is successful on an X86 machine
(no scsi here) in both the above scenarios.

It is an observation that with Alt+SysRq+d, dumping progresses from
the bottom half of the keyboard interrupt. The same would 
imply that, all interrupts would be enabled and dumping should 

4) I noticed that the values of psr.i and psr.ic are 1 when
we are waiting for the interrupt (psr.i and psr.ic are the same
for points 1 and 2 mentioned above)

Any suggestions as to what may be going wrong here?


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