Re: [patch] 2.6.1-mm5 compile do not use shared extable code for ia64

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2004-01-28 03:19:17
>>>>> On Tue, 27 Jan 2004 19:56:26 +1100, Paul Mackerras <> said:

  Paul> David Mosberger writes:
  >> How about the attached one?  It will touch memory more when
  >> moving an element down, but we're talking about exception tables
  >> here, and I don't think module loading time would be affected in
  >> any noticable fashion.

  Paul> Hmmm...  Stylistically I much prefer to pick up the new
  Paul> element, move the others up and just drop the new element in
  Paul> where it should go, rather than doing swap, swap, swap down
  Paul> the list.

Sure, the latter can be done, too.

  Paul> Also, I don't think there is enough code there to be worth the
  Paul> bother of trying to abstract the generic routine so you can
  Paul> plug in different compare and move-element routines.  The
  Paul> whole sort routine is only 16 lines of code, after all.  Why
  Paul> not just have an ia64-specific version of sort_extable?
  Paul> That's what I thought you would do.

Because the Alpha needs exactly the same code.

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