RE: Link error with linux-2.5 bk

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2004-01-22 04:57:43
> Andrew sent me the attached.  He seems to agree with your analysis & fix.

Why didn't this show up on other architecture builds?  Doesn't anyone
else discard .exit.text?  Or does everyone else have the default
for CONFIG_DUMMY set to 'n' or 'm' rather than 'y'?

I'd also like to nominate:

 local symbol 0: discarded in section `.exit.text' from drivers/built-in.o

for the "Least helpful error message" award(*).  From previous
experience I know that this is caused by improper use of
__exit ... but it would really help a lot if the message
had an actual symbol name, rather than "local symbol 0".

I found this by the brute force tactic of scanning backwards
through 2.6.1-bk* patches, building each one until the error
went away, and then getting a diff between the last good and
first bad version, and looking for __exit.  But there ought
to be a better way :-)


* Previous held by "values of B will give rise to dom!"
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