Re: [patch] efivars update for 2.6.1

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2004-01-16 07:04:10
Well, how about adding the URL to the updated efibootmgr to the
help-text for EFI_VARS?


+# EFI Driver Configuration
+menu "EFI driver support"
+depends on EFI
+config EFI_VARS
+	tristate "EFI Variable Support via sysfs"
+	depends on EFI
+	default n
+	---help---
+	  If you say Y here, you are able to get EFI (Extensible Firmware
+	  Interface) variable information via sysfs.  You may read,
+	  write, create, and destroy EFI variables through this interface.
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