[RFC]:Flight recorder for IPF

From: Masakazu Watanabe <watanabe.mas-20_at_soft.fujitsu.com>
Date: 2004-01-06 23:03:39
Hi all,

I made the flight recorder in order to get kernel events to memory.
I would like to expect some feedback if you have.

When you use Linux system as a server system, you can use many
applications at the same time on the system. If the system is crashed,
it has the following cases.
  - Due to be raced condition by programs.
  - In the program besides the program operation when it was crashed.
So it is efficient forinvestigation to trace information of the flight

The flight recorder is useful to understand kernel motion easily.

The patch consists of two parts.
One is kernel patch, another is utility patch.

Please apply the patches after flight recorder for i386 applied.
Flight recorder for i386 apply with follow:


kernel patch : flightrecorder-ipfkernel20040106.patch.tar
utility patch : flightrecorder-ipfutility20040106.patch.tar

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