RE: segv at strcmp

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2004-01-06 09:06:55
>>>>> On Mon, 5 Jan 2004 11:19:36 -0800, "Luck, Tony" <> said:

  >> Hi - The gcc version is gcc-3.2-29 and the flags we pass to gcc
  >> are : -O -ansi -fwritable-strings -fsigned-char -D_GNU_SOURCE

  Tony> I have gcc 3.2.3 ... but it appears to not do anything strange
  Tony> to my test program with those options.

  Tony> main() { char *x = "7chars!";

  Tony>         strcmp(x, "This is 24 chars long!!!"); }

  Tony> with those options.  Do you have any include files that might
  Tony> be redefining strcmp as memcmp?

In earlier versions of libc, there were some mem/str-related routines
which were too aggressive in prefetching.  Perhaps Jes remembers the
details, but I'd definitely recommend to make sure you're running the
latest libc for your distro.

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