Re: Cleanup EXPORT_SYMBOL usage

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2004-01-06 08:10:58
  Andreas> Andreas Schwab <> writes:
  >> This cleans up the use of EXPORT_SYMBOL in ia64_ksyms.c by moving
  >> most of them to the place where the symbol is defined.  Ideally,
  >> only symbols defined in assembler sources should remain here, but
  >> there are some cases where an EXPORT_SYMBOL is missing outside
  >> the arch/ia64 tree.  I did not change them for now.  Also,
  >> EXPORT_SYMBOL_NOVERS is obsolete.

  Andreas> There was a compilation failure for certain configurations,
  Andreas> here is a new patch.

Looks good to me.  It's in the to-linus-2.5 tree now.


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