segv at strcmp

From: umut aymakoglu <>
Date: 2003-12-25 10:13:13
Hi -

We have hit a problem with strcmp() on UnitedLinux 1.0
with kernel: 2.4.19 and glibc: 2.2.5.
I am wondering if anybody has seen something like it
or knows if already there is a patch. I do not have a
small repro but i will try to explain:

The segv happens at memcmp() at a line like:
'strcmp(x, "this is 24 chars long")' where x is a char
pointer with a length of 7 and the constant has a
length of 24. x is located at the first 8 bytes of the
last 16 bytes at the end of a non-contiguous shared
memory segment. memcmp() segvs when it tries to load 8
bytes from the "r19" register which initially has the
address of x and points to the end of the segment when
the segv happens.

any help would be appreciated,

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