RE: Latest 2.4 IA64 Baseline (Bjorn) + Latest ACPI testing report

From: Yu, Luming <>
Date: 2003-12-17 13:54:09
>> I think  "To bus device, resources returned from _CRS method means that bus device will
>> supply those resouces to its children devices. So it's unreasonable to call
>> request_resource for them."

>That's faulty logic.  Resources can either be busy (used at the leaf
>by a driver) or merely containers for other resources (as they are in
>this case).

My concern is that if a device driver want to request a resource,
but that resource has been allocated by bus device (which supply this resources to its children devices) 
then  -EBUSY get returned. Maybe device driver can
ignore this error.  But how to detect a real resource conflict  with other device (another resource consumer)?  All of them return -EBUSY.

>> I have a patch for above statement.  Please take a look.
>No.  That will lose the information about which areas are under which
>busses, which is rather useful information to have. 

Yes, I agree. 

> For example, when
>PCI needs to allocate resources, if we don't partition the root resource
>amongst the child busses, we could inadvertently allocate resources that
>straddle two PCI busses, and that just won't work.

All resources info returned from _CRS has been saved in pci_root_info->controller->window.  Is it enough?

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