RT specifics features

From: Ghislain K. <Ghislain.Kergadalan_at_imag.fr>
Date: 2003-12-10 20:02:04
	Hi All,

	I don't know if i write to the right mailing list for my problems... 
but I need quick help. So :

	1) Situation :
          My lab. is benching a IA64 itanium2 quadi-processors platform 
for our Real-Time applications.

	2) What we were intent to do  :
	    We tried to patch a 2.4.18 from Red Hat Enterprise 2.1 with :
	     * Robert Love patch on cpu_affinity,
	     * Tim Hockins patch on procstate,
	    to isolate alone each ours processes on its CPU.

	It doesn't work until now and the quadri must go out our labs the 15 

	3) SOS :
	So, I am looking for a "distribution", a tree, a patch, a clue, ... to 
include such features in my kernel or an other.

				Thanks for your help.

										Ghislain Kergadallan
										ICA Laboratory
										46 av Felix Viallet
										38000 Grenoble

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