RE: qla2xxxx driver for IA64

From: Andrew Vasquez <>
Date: 2003-11-25 03:54:13

> <> said:
>   Evan> the IA64 ioctl.h file did not hav the _IOXX_BAD macros, and i
>   Evan> added them, i'm not sure how safe that was, but it compiled.

The cooresponding callers of the IOCTLs have not had the changes added 
to support the 8.x driver -- you should be ok for now.

> Last time I checked, the _IOXX_BAD macros were not used anywhere in
> the standard kernel and that's why I leaned against including them
> (they seemed like a very temporary thing to me).  Perhaps the driver
> could be fixed instead to not use the bad macros?

Yes, the next driver drop will have the _BAD() macros usage addressed.

Andrew Vasquez
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