Re: [PATCH] - sched_clock() broken for ia64 SN platform

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2003-11-21 08:27:20
>>>>> On Thu, 20 Nov 2003 12:58:20 -0800, "John Hawkes" <> said:

  John> I doubt this double-count would ever be accepted by the wider
  John> Linux Community, as it bloats mainline arch-independent code,
  John> just to fix a problem with a handful of drifty platforms.

That's not an argument: the "bloat" can be trivially hidden for
non-drifty architectures with an inline routine or macro.  I for one
would be perfectly happy to pay an extra word in the ia64-version of
task_struct if that would yield a generic and scalable solution to the
problem.  The problem right now is that the generic kernel code is
structured in a way that prevents this.

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