qla2xxxx driver for IA64

From: Evan Felix <evan.felix_at_pnl.gov>
Date: 2003-11-20 04:10:34
Andrew, I downloaded the qla2xxx-src-v8.00.00b6.tar.bz2 driver from
sourceforge, and had a few issues getting it woking under IA64 on a
rx2600 system.  We have two dual channel qla2312 cards. 

- I had to add '#include <vmalloc.h>' to qla_os.c
- the IA64 ioctl.h file did not hav the _IOXX_BAD macros, and i added
them, i'm not sure how safe that was, but it compiled.

The driver then built fine, and we have been testing it for a couple
days now.

Evan Felix
Administrator of Supercomputer #5 in Top 500, Nov 2003
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Operated for the U.S. DOE by Battelle
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