Re: Newbie: General Complile Issues

From: Alex Williamson <>
Date: 2003-11-18 02:48:15
On Mon, 2003-11-17 at 08:19, Dan Am wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry to to bother the gurus with mere admin view questions. I got hold of a 
> zx6000 with RHAS 2.1, got the book and I am taking her out for a spin, so to 
> speak.  
> Here goes: 
> 1. Which is the "correct" source ? Kernel Org or bkbits ? 

   Either, for 2.4 make sure you have Bjorn's patch or use his bk tree
(linux-ia64-2.4).  For 2.6, you don't need the ia64 patch, but, see next

> 2. Will the 2.6-test1 that I am using (compiling now with gcc3.1 from hpl) not 
> run ? 

   test9 definitely works, via, standard bk or ia64 bk. 
Unless you really need test1, I'd go with the latest.  I don't remember
how well test1 worked.

> 3. There is talk of "Mosberger Patches" : Are those required ?  Where can they
>     be found ? 

   For 2.4, yes, but they're now Bjorn patches.   They are not required
for 2.6.  You can find them all here:

> Thanks a million for bothering. Of course, if there is a FAQ on those q's, or 
> a better list, I'd be reading that. Grateful for a pointer in that case. 

   You might want to check, there's some useful
information there.  Thanks,


Alex Williamson                             HP Linux & Open Source Lab

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