Re: Creating New EFI variables in Red Hat AS 2.1

From: Matt Domsch <>
Date: 2003-11-18 02:10:08
> For one of my application, I want to create a new EFI variable from the OS.
> The contents of this EFI variable will be used by and EFI application
> running at the EFI shell.
> How do I do it? Can any one Please explain?

Please see the source code for efibootmgr.  This is the only application 
I'm aware of that creates/deletes/changes EFI variables from within the OS 
at present.  Version 0.4.2 is 
the most recent released.  There's a test version 0.5.0-test1 in the 
testing directory there which handles both the 2.4.x kernel style EFI 
variables, and the new sysfs-based style on 2.6.x (if/when that patch is 
submitted and accepted - hint hint Matt T.).    You'll want your app to be 
able to handle both I'm certain.  efibootmgr is licensed under the GNU 

Essentially, you fill out a structure, open a file, and write the 
structure to the file.  The structure contains your variable name, GUID, 
data, and properties.


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