Inefficient TLB flushing

From: Jack Steiner <>
Date: 2003-11-13 07:01:19
Something appears broken in TLB flushing on IA64 (& possibly other
architectures). Functionally, it works but performance is bad on 
systems with large cpu counts. 

The result is that TLB flushing in exit_mmap() is frequently being done via
IPIs to all cpus rather than with a "ptc" instruction or with a new context..

Take a look at exit_mmap()  (in mm/mmap.c):

	void exit_mmap(struct mm_struct *mm)
  (1)		tlb = tlb_gather_mmu(mm, 1);
  (2)		tlb_finish_mmu(tlb, 0, MM_VM_SIZE(mm));

	static inline void
	tlb_finish_mmu (struct mmu_gather *tlb, unsigned long start, unsigned long end)
		ia64_tlb_flush_mmu(tlb, start, end);

	static inline void
	ia64_tlb_flush_mmu (struct mmu_gather *tlb, unsigned long start, unsigned long end)
   (3)		if (tlb->fullmm) {
   (4)		} else if (unlikely (end - start >= 1TB ...
			/* This should be very rare and is not worth optimizing for.
   (5)			flush_tlb_all();

	flush_tlb_all() flushes with IPI to every cpu

<start> & <end> are passed from exit_mmap at line (2) as 0..MM_VM_SIZE which is
0..0xa000000000000000 (on IA64) & the expression at (4) is always TRUE. If tlb->fullmm is 
false, the code in ia64_tlb_flush_mmu calls flush_tlb_all. flush_tlb_all uses IPIs to 
do the TLB flushing.

Normally, tlb->fullmm at line (3) is 1 since it is initialized to 1 at line (1). However, in 
unmap_vmas(), if a resched interrupt occurs during VMA teardown, the tlb flushing
is reinitialized & tlb_gather_mmu() is called with tlb_gather_mmu(mm, 0). When the
call to tlb_finish_mmu() is made at line (2), TLB flushing is done with an IPI

Does this analysis look correct??  AFAICT, this bug (inefficiency) may apply to other
architectures although I cant access it's peformance impact.

Here is the patch that I am currently testing:

--- /usr/tmp/TmpDir.19957-0/linux/mm/memory.c_1.79	Wed Nov 12 13:56:25 2003
+++ linux/mm/memory.c	Wed Nov 12 12:57:25 2003
@@ -574,9 +574,10 @@
 			if ((long)zap_bytes > 0)
 			if (need_resched()) {
+				int fullmm = (*tlbp)->fullmm;
 				tlb_finish_mmu(*tlbp, tlb_start, start);
-				*tlbp = tlb_gather_mmu(mm, 0);
+				*tlbp = tlb_gather_mmu(mm, fullmm);
 				tlb_start_valid = 0;
 			zap_bytes = ZAP_BLOCK_SIZE;

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Principal Engineer                      SGI - Silicon Graphics, Inc.

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