Re: Odd IA32 mmap calls - Is this fixed

From: Arun Sharma <>
Date: 2003-11-13 06:53:01
On 11/12/2003 11:45 AM, wrote:
> Arun-
> I'm pretty sure your patch with cause things to break.  You
> will wind up freeing memory that the IA32 process is still
> using, causing `bad` things to happen.

Yes, of course. May be the disclaimer wasn't prominent enough :)

> Actually, there is a solution but it's kind of icky.  The
> idea is you have to maintain knowledge of which 4K area of
> the IA32 prcesses's IA64 page is truly in use.  When all
> 4K areas of the IA64 page are freed you can free the IA64 page.
> This not as bad as it could be because you only have to keep
> track of the first & last IA64 pages that are used for each
> IA32 mmap request so the overhead isn't that outrageous.  I
> submitted a patch to do this ages ago but I guess it got lost
> somehow.

Is this the patch you're talking about ?


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