Odd IA32 mmap calls - Is this fixed

From: Shiju A Mathew <shiju_m_at_yahoo.com>
Date: 2003-11-12 18:03:21
The mummap is failing to unmap the pages allocated by
mmap when a ia32 application ( 4k Pagesize) is run on
ia64 system( 16k pagesize). This happens when the
offset  in mmap does not fall on 16k boundary. The
problem seems to be similar to the problem " Odd IA32
mmap calls" (Calls to mmap/munmap where the length is
a fraction of the page size cause a memory leak,
eventually running out of VM for the IA32 process)
listed in the ToDo list of ia64 homepage.I am doing
the test on sles-8 running 2.4.19 kernel. Is this
problem fixed in the 2.6 test kernel ? If it is not
fixed are there anyone working on it to fix the

Thanks & Regards,

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