RE: discontig patch question

From: Van Maren, Kevin <>
Date: 2003-11-11 05:34:47
> Yeah, but 1UL<<MAX_ORDER will always be page aligned, right?


But page alignment isn't the question: it is already aligned to
the 16MB or 64MB granules.

But you are saying that the address doesn't have to be as strict:
even if allocating 2^MAX_ORDER _pages_, the start doesn't have to
be aligned at a natural (PAGE_SIZE<<MAX_ORDER) boundary, and that
we can change the ORDERROUNDDOWN to not be as aggressive.

But then it also makes sense to have a smaller MAX_ORDER when not
using 4GB hugepages?  I'm happy with <= 256MB hugepages with 16GB ram,
so I guess I'd rather MAX_ORDER was normally smaller, and increased
only with very large hugepage pages.

Kevin Van Maren
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