Re: discontig patch question

From: Jesse Barnes <>
Date: 2003-11-11 04:56:39
On Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 11:38:34AM -0600, Van Maren, Kevin wrote:
> > I wonder if that shouldn't be simply 1UL<<MAX_ORDER...  
> > That's all that
> > mm/page_alloc.c seems to care about.
> But doesn't it deal with page-sized chunks?

Yeah, but 1UL<<MAX_ORDER will always be page aligned, right?

> It makes sense if all the memory chunks have to start on a "MAX_ORDER"
> boundary, but is that really the case?  That's pretty restrictive, at least
> with such a large MAX_ORDER.
> Why is MAX_ORDER 19 on IA64?

For hugetlbfs, afaik.  But it should only be 18 according to

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