RE: Problem with accessing page tables

From: Ameya Mitragotri <>
Date: 2003-11-08 18:57:02
>   Ameya> One of the checks below fails because the call 
> pmd_offset gives pmd 
>   Ameya> With value o.
> That means the PTE directory hasn't been allocated yet.  
> Perfectly normal for memory that hasn't been accessed yet.

We passed the address of swapper_pg_dir and this is what we got.

Nov  8 12:29:35 i2 kernel: The swapper_pg_dir address is
Nov  8 12:29:35 i2 kernel: The pgd offset is 280 address of pgd entry is
a0000001008d6000 value @ pgd entry is 2146033664
Nov  8 12:29:35 i2 kernel: The pmd offset is 201 pmd address is
value @ pmd is 0

Now I think the memory for the swapper_pg_dir has already been
I still get PMD as 0.

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong?

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