RE: [RFC] Better MCA recovery on IPF

From: Alberto Munoz <>
Date: 2003-11-06 04:37:51
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> On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 09:14:08AM -0800, Alberto Munoz wrote:
> > What implementation of the Itanium processor supports 
> avoiding MCAs from
> > lfetch or code fetch operations? I don't think Itanium 1 or 
> 2 do this. How
> > about Madison?
> Oops, misunderstanding here.  Madison and Deerfield are also 
> Itanium 2.
> It's like Coppermine and Tualatin are both Pentium 3.  When 
> the difference
> is only cache size, die size, clock frequency and so on, they're not
> going to change the number.  For bigger changes, they might ;-)

Not really a misunderstanding. I just got a little lose with the names. I
should have said Merced, McKinley instead of Itanium 1 and 2.

In any case, it has been my experience that some times there are fairly major
changes in RAS features (typically addressing shortcomings of a predecessor)
betweens processors of the same vintage (McKinley, Madison and Deerfield).

Bert Munoz
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