Re: [RFC] Better MCA recovery on IPF

From: Matthias Fouquet-Lapar <>
Date: 2003-11-03 00:33:36
> We already have that interface, it is called a signal.  The kernel code
> for handling these events has to be architecture dependent but, once
> the data has been gathered and the decision made about which user
> process to kill, we just send SEGV.

:-) I think there is more to it, for example we should avoid 
re-allocating a page which has a hard error to make sure that the next
user stumbles over this again. Maybe this information should also be
kept accross a reboot for the same reason. Then you need some API to maintain
this information, if for example a DIMM is replaced and it is not longer
require to map out a page with an error. 


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