Re: anyone caring about ipchains?

From: Martin Pool <>
Date: 2003-10-25 09:45:31
On 24 Oct 2003, David Mosberger <> wrote:
> I noticed that ipchains isn't terribly stable in 2.6.0-test8.  For me,
> it caused a kernel hang after masquerading a client doing some web
> surfing.  Actually, it never was terribly good even on 2.4.21 as it
> would cause periodic stalls (not quite as bad as the 2.6 behavior, but
> still not great).  iptables on the other hand seems to work quite
> well.  Does anyone still care about ipchains or should we just declare
> it dead technology?

I had the idea from Rusty that since it has been deprecated for a
couple of years, it was OK for it to break unless somebody cared
enough to maintain it.  Maybe post to l-k to see?

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