Re: Rework arch/ia64/kernel/salinfo.c for 2.4

From: Bjorn Helgaas <>
Date: 2003-10-21 09:38:42
On Monday 20 October 2003 4:47 am, Keith Owens wrote:
> I have reworked salinfo.c to get a clean separation between the
> interrupt handler that is called from mca.c and the rest of the salinfo
> code that runs in user context.

Thanks for doing all this work.  You've obviously done a lot of work
and I'm still going through it :-)

The only comment/question I have so far is about the log_buffer
management.  You're relying on ia64_sal_get_state_info_size(X)
returning the same thing every time it's called for "X".  I seem
to recall some weaseling on the part of our FW guys, because
they might want to change the size based on hot-plug events.
But I don't think the spec really leaves them that option.

In any case, since we do rely on the size being constant, what
about doing the allocation in sal_log_open()?  Then it could be
removed from salinfo_log_read() and salinfo_log_clear(), and the
open/release paths would be more parallel.

I'm not too sure about the vfree() in salinfo_exit().  As you say,
it can't be built as a module, even if it could be, there should
be some mechanism that prevents the module from being unloaded
while any of the files are open.


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