Re: [RFC] prevent "dd if=/dev/mem" crash

From: Matt Mackall <>
Date: 2003-10-18 08:23:13
On Fri, Oct 17, 2003 at 04:10:36PM -0600, Bjorn Helgaas wrote:
> I expect there are probably different opinions about the idea
> that "dd if=/dev/mem" exits without doing anything.  Sparc and
> 68K have nearby code that bit-buckets writes and returns zeroes
> for reads of page zero.  We could do that, too, but it seems like
> kind of a hack, and holes on ia64 can be BIG (on the order of
> 256GB for one box).

I don't see any reason not to returns zeros. A hole in a file does the
same thing, after all. The fact that the hole is big makes no difference.

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