Re: load-store emulation with SIGSEGV

From: R. Lake <>
Date: 2003-10-17 18:13:31
>   Rich> I'm investigating a means of emulating causes of SEGV where
>   Rich> they can be isolated from genuine failure. For example, a rule
>   Rich> stating a load from address 0x100 "loads" the value 42 into
>   Rich> the target register.
> I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're trying to do and
> whether you're doing it in the kernel or user (signal-handler).  If
> the latter, adjusting the sc_ip should be sufficient (the slot number
> is encoded in bits 0 and 1 of sc_ip).
> --david

The current implementation is a user mode signal handler, so as you say
adjusting sc_ip ought to be okay. I'll run some more thorough asm tests to
check my usage of rse_skip_regs and make certain subsequent instructions are
executed from the faulting bundle. Thanks for your help.


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