Re: IA64 ino_t incorrectly sized?

From: Neil Brown <>
Date: 2003-10-17 10:47:14
On Friday October 17, wrote:
> > 
> What's your preference here Neil?  I'll make a patch to create
> __kernel_old_ino_t for each arch and nfsd/syscall.h if you like
> that approach, else these patches seem to be all we need for ABI
> compatibility now.
> thanks.

I don't really want __kernel_old_ino_t as it would clutter every arch
just for nfsd, and just for 2.6.

I think I would like

#ifdef __ia64__
 typedef unsigned int __nfsd_ino_t;
 typedef __kernel_ino_t __nfsd_ino_t;

at the top of syscall.h, and then use __nfsd_ino_t where needed.
This would keep all the 'clutter' inside nfsd, and in one place, and I
can remove it all when I discard that system call in 2.7.

If other arch's want to change their __kernel_ino_t, then we just need
to add a make a change within that #if/#endif

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