load-store emulation with SIGSEGV

From: R. Lake <rich_at_lakes.plus.com>
Date: 2003-10-17 08:49:20
I'm investigating a means of emulating causes of SEGV where they can be
isolated from genuine failure. For example, a rule stating a load from
address 0x100 "loads" the value 42 into the target register.

A simple test to decode the instruction, locate and modify the operand
register in the sigcontext or backing store, then increment sc_ip shows the
expected behaviour. But, for practical usage I'm not entirely confident I've
taken all the necessary steps to return to the kernel in a robust manner.
I've thus far taken insight from the unaligned handler albeit without
altering the psr.ri field. So, my question is... am I missing a vital stage
to this process, some piece of information the kernel expects to receive
when avoiding the faulting instruction?


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