Re: user-space unaligned accesses

From: Micah Parrish <>
Date: 2003-10-12 09:22:48
>The ia64 architecture does a tty_write
>on a userspace unaligned access. Not only is this extremenly annoying,
>it's also very broken since the tty may well be suspended etc etc.
>Doing a printk on such an access by default is very broken already,
>lets not make it worse

I too see no reason to do a tty_write here.  Most other error messages
of the same level (KERN_WARNING) do not do a tty_write, and syslogd can
be configured to write KERN_WARNING messages to the console or anywhere
else if you care.  Smells like old debug code, and looks messy to the
end user.

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