2.6.0-Test5 booting problems on Itanium-1!

From: Ameya Mitragotri <ameya.mitragotri_at_wipro.com>
Date: 2003-10-09 20:07:44
I am facing a strange problem trying to get 2.6.0-test5 booted on an 
Itanium-1 machine (its a beta processor). 

1) in my .config i have 

2) I compiled and made a vmlinux image. I copied the image to the
/boot/efi directory
and provided a softlink to the image in the /boot directory. 

now on a reboot, i get the 'booting linux-2.6.0-test5' message. Nothing
happens after this. Can anyone suggest any ways to resolve this? 

I also tried to boot using a gzipped image (vmlinux.gz) but i get an
error "min_addr not page aligned" 

Any suggestions will be really helpful. 

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