Re: [PATCH] kill two dead headers

From: Christoph Hellwig <>
Date: 2003-10-09 02:46:28
On Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 11:40:05AM -0500, Alan Mayer wrote:
> Whether or not there are problems with one or more of the patches isn't really
> the issue.  Our issue is that the patches are addressing things that have been
> or are going to be addressed by the maintainers of the SGI IO infrastructure.
> We are trying to avoid a situation where patches get in the way of what we're
> trying to accomplish.

Oh yes.  Please comment on the individual patches, explain why you don't
like them / what you don't like.  Jesse liked all of them so far and
your say either you already have fixes in the magic secret or will do
fixes once time permits.  But my fixes are there and no now, in the
public and partially applied.  Please comment on the outstanding one on
the list _NOW_ or shut up forever.  And just FYI:  according to the
MAINTAINERS file Jesse is maintainer for SN2, so his word counts, not

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