RE: [PATCH] long format VHPT

From: Chen, Kenneth W <>
Date: 2003-09-29 09:44:02
Arun Sharma wrote:
> - Can we avoid allocating VHPTs for non-existent CPUs ?
> - How about calling alloc_bootmem on cpu0 and __get_free_pages
>   on secondary cpus ?

> I noticed that when we hit ia64_mmu_init() on a secondary
> processor, cpu0 has already made successful calls to 
> __get_free_pages(). But calls from the secondary cpus fail.
> Does anyone know why ?

I did some hacking over the weekend. VHPT allocation can be done
from boot processor in function do_boot_cpu() before waking up
secondary CPUs.  Allocation can be easily made numa friendly by
calling alloc_pages_node (didn't bother to do that for now).

- Ken

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