Hugetlb FS quota bug fix

From: Chen, Kenneth W <>
Date: 2003-09-27 07:44:00
Here is a bug fix patch relative to latest Bjorn's 2.4 ia64 kernel tree.
Mainly sync up hugetlbfs code w.r.t latest 2.6.

Hugetlb file system quota was incorrectly taken on every mmap even for
the case that huge pages has been already allocated on the file inode.
This results in taxing the same hugepage multiple times and causing mmap
to fail on existing file when quota mistakenly runs out. This patch also
fixes file size to account holes.

Bjorn, since you are still carrying hugetlbfs for ia64, would you please
merge this?  (bug fix for 2.6 has been taken care already) Thanks.

- Ken

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