Re: [PATCH] discontig patch (still ugly)

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2003-09-23 09:26:39
  >> - MAX_RSVD_REGIONS et al got moved to pgtable.h; why in the world would
  >> that be the right place?  Just because "it compiled"??

  Jesse> No, because that was necessary for the contig.c/discontig.c
  Jesse> seperation.  Which header file would be better?

I think it could be just a local header file in arch/ia64/kernel/.

  >> - why is there both vmem_map and mem_map in the NUMA case?

  Jesse> You mean for the discontig case?  mem_map isn't there.  It
  Jesse> only exists (mm/memory.c) if CONFIG_DISCONTIGMEM is off,
  Jesse> otherwise we just use vmem_map and pgdata_t->node_mem_map for
  Jesse> everything.

Then fix mm/memory.c to define mem_map if CONFIG_VIRTUAL_MEMMAP is on.

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