Re: [Linux-ia64] PATCH redirectable IRQs

From: Michael Meduna <>
Date: 2003-09-12 11:36:39
Erich, I have already reviewed the referenced document.  I understand how to
set lowest priority delivery mode or fixed delivery mode for a specific IRQ.
What I would like to do is set CPU 0 in lowest priority delivery mode for
all IRQs but then, have the ability to permanently disable interrupts for
specific CPUs.

For example:  lets say I have a system with 8 host CPUs.  I create a
processor set that will contain a pool of CPUs (0-3).  I create another set
of processor sets (4 of them) that will contain processors 4-7.  All IRQs
are set to CPU 0 in lowest priority delivery mode.  I do not want processors
4-7 to take an interrupt.  However, I do want interrupts to be spread across
processors 0-3.  Is there a way to set the XTP register such that processors
4-7 will never take an interrupt?

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