Re: [Linux-ia64] PATCH redirectable IRQs

From: Erich Focht <>
Date: 2003-09-11 21:33:20
On Wednesday 10 September 2003 20:26, wrote:
> Is it possible to set the Linux XTP values from either a system command or
> function?  I would like to set the default route for the IRQs in /proc/irq
> to CPU 0 in lowest priority mode.  Obviously, this can be done via the
> smp_affinity interface.  In fact, it appears that the default is CPU 0 in
> lowest priority mode.  But then, I would like to permanently disable
> interrupts for specific CPUs.  Can this be done?

if the interface didn't change, you should be able to set the IRQ
routing to "fixed" through the smp_affinity /proc interface. An
attempt to explain this is in Documentation/ia64/IRQ-redir.txt


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