Re: [PATCH] efivars update

From: Patrick Mochel <>
Date: 2003-09-03 02:17:59
> > That patch is below. I'll be sending it to Linus once he gets back from
> > vacation, unless anyone has any serious objections to it. Note that it
> > completely removes any limitation on the length of a kobject (and sysfs
> > directory) name.
> Why keep another copy of the name?  Why not use kobj->dentry->qstr->name?

The problem is defining it. The dentry is not allocated until the kobject 
is registered, and we call through to sysfs. That's not so much a problem, 
but we'd have to pass the name along with the object down to sysfs in 
order to create the dentry, which would be a bit messy, IMO.


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