Re: 2.6.0 test3 does not boot on ia64 NUMA

From: Martin Hicks <>
Date: 2003-08-30 03:07:30
On Fri, Aug 29, 2003 at 06:41:56PM +0200, Xavier Bru wrote:
> printing "On node %d totalpages:":
> ifa=0xf000ff54f7c5722b
> iip=0xa0000001007780d0
> 0xa0000001007780d0 <__alloc_bootmem_core+592>:	[MII]       ld8 r17=[r19],8
> I will try to look at this a bit more if I find some more time.

Do you have this changeset in your tree?  It sounds like a similar
problem to what I was seeing.

ChangeSet@1.1292.1.3, 2003-08-25 12:23:20-07:00,
  [PATCH] ia64: paddr_to_nid fixup
  Here is a small patch for paddr_to_nid().  This fix is already in 2.4
  and is used in the case where a NUMA kernel is running on a machine
  without a SRAT ACPI table.  Without this patch the node info is not
  correctly located.


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