2.6.0 test3 does not boot on ia64 NUMA

From: Xavier Bru <Xavier.Bru_at_bull.net>
Date: 2003-08-27 01:39:32
... but 2.5.72 was OK :-)

Booting on a 4 nodes Itanium machine, with 

system hangs after a message:
"On node 1 totalpages: <a very very BIG number that looks garbage>"

Having a look to the code, it seems that problem is due to memory
initialisation changes:
 . unlike 2.5.72, find_memory() is now called before
acpi_numa_init(), and supposes that numnodes = 1. So only 1
bootmem_data_t struct is initialised.
 . acpi_numa_init() then finds in SRAT that 4 nodes exist.
 . when paging_init calls discontig_paging_init only bootmem_data_t
for node 0 is initialized, and garbage is found for nodes 1 to 3.

I tried to put find_memory()  after acpi_numa_init() as in 2.5.72, but 
now we get:
     bootmem alloc of 100 bytes failed! in acpi_table_init()
that now uses the bootmem allocator.

I wonder what should be the right order for initialisation, and if
there are ia64 platforms running 2.6.0 with CONFIG_NUMA. Any help is
Thanks in advance.


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