Re: build problems/questions (2.6.0-test3)

From: Matthew Wilcox <>
Date: 2003-08-22 12:25:51
On Thu, Aug 21, 2003 at 06:28:50PM -0700, Randy.Dunlap wrote:
> I'm seeing some build problems and want to see if they are just my
> problems.  Shoule these build OK on ia64 or are they all just
> dont-cares for ia64?
> 1.  driver/block/floppy.c

Don't-care.  Should be made unselectable in Kconfig.  No ia64 boxes have
shipped with that kind of floppy drive (ide-floppy on the first boxes).

> 2.  drivers/char/nvram.c ?? (x86-ism)

I doubt anyone put an mc146818rtc chip in an ia64 box.

> 3.  drivers/char/hangcheck.c ?

Do you mean drivers/char/hangcheck-timer.c?  This looks x86-specific to me,
monotonic_clock() is in arch/i386 and arch/x86_64 only.

> 4.  ISA PNP support?

Definitely no ISA on these boxes.  Shouldn't ISAPNP depend on ISA in Kconfig?

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