efibootmgr 0.4.2-test2

From: <Matt_Domsch_at_Dell.com>
Date: 2003-08-12 06:38:30
Announcing efibootmgr 0.4.2-test2.  If you have systems you can test
this on, please do so.  It appears to work fine on my BigSur.  The big
change here is I think I fixed the unaligned access errors.  If you're
still getting them with this, please look at the ip=... address reported
by the kernel, and tell me what function the code is in at that time
(objdump -D is very helpful here).

* Mon Aug 11 2003 Matt Domsch <Matt_Domsch@dell.com>
- fixed unaligned access errors
- removed extraneous printing of mac addr when creating netboot entries
- sync docbook to README
- whitespace cleanups

Tarballs at:

Feedback welcome!


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