RE: [PATCH] New CMC/CPE polling

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2003-08-05 04:26:40
>    Here's a redesign of the CMC and CPE polling for both 2.6.0-test2
> and 2.4.21.  This is roughly the same design I requested comment on
> a while back (BTW, nobody commented...).  Basically, rather than
> flooding all the cpus in parallel, I used some low priority interrupts
> to cascade through the cpus.  This should be much more scalable.  I
> also added a new feature of enabling interrupts for the CMC and CPE
> handlers.  The SAL spec claims these functions are SMP safe and
> re-entrant and even recommends that the corrected error handlers
> should run with interrupts enabled.  It works on HP boxes, others
> might want to double check that their firmware adheres to the spec.
> The combination of these things should keep polling from impacting
> system response time.  I tried to keep the 2.6 and 2.4 code as similar
> as possible, so I also backported __ffs() to 2.4.  Feedback and bug
> reports welcome.  Thanks,

I think that there are some race conditions around the setting/clearing
of cmc_polling_enabled.

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